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RyanVM Integrator (stable) rj

Current version: 1.6.0
Released March 1, 2009
Downloads 6588

RVM Integrator is not just an integrator. Its main purpose is to actually slipstream hotfixes and third party utilities into your Windows install disks. Integrating is simply a way to attach setup files into your windows disk and have them install at a specific moment during Windows setup. Slipstreaming will actually overwrite older files and place itself directly into the windows installation.

The previous release, version 1.5.3, was available April 13, 2008 through March 1, 2009. It had over 571,300 downloads on this website alone.

File Information:

  • Name:��RVM_Integrator_1.6.7z
    Size:� 870 KB
    MD5:� F65D83AE6C1844961143EF670F627DE7

RyanVM Integrator - Localization Files

English 1.6
downloads: 2895
Nederlands 1.6
downloads: 2263
Romanian 1.6
downloads: 2262
Romanian Diacritice 1.6
downloads: 2177
Simplified Chinese 1.6
downloads: 2422
Localization files are available for the Integrator in several languages. To see if we have one for your language, please visit our forum at the following URL where they can be downloaded.


If you do not see yours listed then please try your hand at creating one by downloading the English.lng file, translating the quoted text to your language, and posting it in our forum.

RyanVM Integrator (beta)

Current version: 1.6.1 b2.1
Released March 30, 2009
Recommended for use with latest XP x86 updatepacks. Updated to resolve issues with large file lists in update packs. See following URL:


Translated Update Packs

RyanVM is not responsible for any broken legs caused by the following language packs. thereby we give full responsibility to you, the reader or rehearser of this article...


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