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* Additional Tools (Not Addons) / Gotcha! Data Backup

Category: * Additional Tools (Not Addons)
Creator: Siginet
Language: English
Compatability: All Windows NT Platforms
MD5 checksum: D55CA5F466C0AB445152443B18D0485E
Downloads: 74020
Posted: 11-13-2016 by Siginet

Gotcha! Data Backup v16.11.13.0

This program has been in the works for many years. Ive been using it in my internal Computer Repair company for a long time now.

It is used to backup user data from a system before reinstalling a computer... or to transfer the data to another computer. Ive built in many of the much needed areas that Technicians tend to need to backup.

It can be used on a system running windows. It can also detect multiple Windows Drives and ask you which drive you wish to do backups from. This is helpful when you attach a customers drive as a slave drive on your system by connecting their drive internally in your computer or through USB. It also will work on WinPE.

Another useful feature it has is the ability to Move Files to your backup location instead of copying them. This is a great feature if you wish to quickly move all of their important data into a folder on the same drive that you will be reinstalling the system. Since all of the data is being relocated to a spot on the same drive backups will be much faster.

Here are some of the things Gotcha! can backup:

  • Windows Product Keys
  • Office Product Keys
  • Drivers
  • Shared Docs
  • Fonts
  • Desktop
  • IE Start Pages
  • IE Favorites
  • My Documents
  • My Pictures
  • My Music
  • My Videos
  • Downloads
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Apple Safari
  • IncrediMail
  • WinMail
  • Outlook Express
  • Microsoft Office Outlook (Backs Up PSTs, Signatures, and Email Settings!)
  • WiFi Profiles (Windows Vista and newer only)
  • Mapped Network Drives

If you enjoy this program... Please give me a review at fileforum!

Fixed: Issue with Office Signatures causing a fatal error in Gotcha Data Backup.

New: Office Signatures are now Backed up and Restored.

New: Added support for Office 2016 Product Key Backup
New: Added support for Office 2016 PST and Email settings Backup and Restore.
New: Added support for 16.0 Office 365 Office PST file and Email settings Backup and Restore.

Fix: No more asking user to allow Registry imports during Restore process.
Fix: Restoring from within a non-Admin User account had issues restoring data into the Admin logged in profile instead of the current users profile.
New: Backup will now check Desktop shortcuts for possible hijacking of iexplore.exe, chrome.exe and firefox.exe. User will be prompted if they wish to remove any possible hijacked shortcuts from the backup.

Fix: Outlook 2013 Product Key retrieval is now working.
New: Outlook 2013 pst and settings backup added.
New: Outlook 365 pst and settings backup added. (No product key retrieval for Outlook 365... since it only uses your microsoft email/password for purchase verification.)

Fix: Logos and Icons were not loading in the GUI on certain builds on WinPE
Improvement: When launching in WinPE Gotcha will now auto recognize the drive of the WinPE environment and not give it as an option to select for backing up.

Fix: There was a bug in some cases that IE Homepage was restored as a http:///

Improvement: Now supports long file paths.
New: File version of Gotcha now is a dated version (v2014.7.8.1)

New: IE Start Pages Backup
New: Opera Backup
New: Apple Safari Backup
New: IncrediMail Backup
Fixed: Google Chrome Backup
Fixed: Backup/Restore while running in a Limited User Account should be functioning better.

FIXED: Somehow I let a minor typo in my code slip by. Which was causing Gotcha to fail to find some user data in specific circumstances.

NEW: Windows 8 Product Key Backup.
NEW: The ability to Backup/Restore while logged into a Limited Account. UAC was causing issues because it would forward all read write tasks into the Admin account that Gotcha was being run with instead of the currently logged in user.
NEW: Progress Bar now shows progress when Copying Large Files.
NEW: Graphical Interface Update. Looks much nicer.
NEW: Windows WiFi Profiles Backup/Restore! (Works for Vista + Operating Systems. Will add XP support soon)
NEW: IE Favorite sorting order is now Backup/Restored.
NEW: Mapped Network Drives can now be Backup/Restored.
NEW: Desktop Icon Layout is now Backup/Restored.
Changed: Product Keys are now backed up to an ini file (SystemKeys.ini).
Changed: Windows and Office Keys now specify whether they are x86 or x64 installs.
Changed: Detect if OEM Product keys are Royalty Keys or not. (Only Windows 7 is checked for now)
Fixed: Backing up some features while running Gotcha within a Preinstallation Environment (Like LiveXP or MiniXP) would be unsuccessfull. Now all options that are possible to backup within a live environment can be backed up in a WinPE.

Fixed - Firefox backup was not working correctly while running Gotcha through a WinPE environment while attempting to do a backup of a Windows Vista+ machine.
Fixed - Thunderbird backup was not working correctly while running Gotcha through a WinPE environment while attempting to do a backup of a Windows Vista+ machine.

Changed -I got rid of MD5Hash Checking. It was too slow. Now Gotcha checks file dates and only overwrites if the date does not match. This makes Gotcha super fast when dealing with files that already exist.

Fixed - Data Restore was not working properly. The MD5Hash checking code was messed up. All seems well with the world again.

Enhanced - Microsoft Office Outlook Default Profile now Backed Up.

Enhanced - Microsoft Office Outlook backup now backs up all pst files as well as email settings.

Please let me know what you think! Let me know if you come across any bugs! Let me know if you have any ideas you wish me to add as well!!

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